Richard BuBois MD
Juice Plus+ was a new product when I first began to recommend it. As an infectious disease specialist, I had seen firsthand the importance of good nutrition in maintaining a healthy immune system. Unfortunately, I had also seen how difficult it was for my patients to eat as well as they should especially when it came to fruits and vegetables.

I simply saw the common sense of Juice Plus+, as there was no published Juice Plus+ clinical research at the time. Since then, there have been a number of clinical studies conducted and published more than 15 so far, with numerous others underway.

There's one in particular I'll mention here: a study of 59 healthy law school students was conducted at The University of Florida and published in The Journal of Nutrition in October 2006.

Researchers tested students' blood after 7 weeks of taking Juice Plus+ about the same amount of time that's passed since you started taking it. They found a 30% increase in circulating gamma delta-T cells, an important indicator of immune function. They also reported a 40% reduction in DNA strand breaks. (DNA is the basic genetic "building block" of our bodies.)

Both of these findings are indications of how adding good nutrition works at a cellular level to make us healthier. The added good nutrition in this case came from Juice Plus+.

Medical colleagues often ask me why I feel so strongly about recommending Juice Plus+. I tell them I think it would be unethical of me not to recommend it, knowing what I know about the product and the science behind it.

People don't eat as well as they should, and I'm no exception. That's why I've taken Juice Plus+ every day for more than 15 years.

Richard DuBois, M.D.

Richard BuBois M.D.

Atlanta, Georgia
During his 42 years as a practicing physician, Dr. Richard DuBois served
as President of the Georgia Society of Internal Medicine, President of the
Infectious Disease Society of Georgia, and President of the Medical Association of Atlanta.
He has been included in the list of Best Doctors in America and chosen by his
medical colleagues as their "physician of choice" in his specialty. Like many health
professionals, he shares Juice Plus+ as an independent Juice Plus+ representative.
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