This is a great example of an article posted on the internet that confuses parents, leading to decreased immunization of children, which results in disease outbreaks. If anyone is interested in the TRUTH...that vaccines DO NOT cause autism, please click on the following link and watch the videos....
Protecting our children from harm, whether by vaccination, car seats, bicycle helmets, gun safety, healthy diet, exercise, etc. is the basis of my philosophy regarding how I take care of my patients. As all the parents in my practice know...anything and everything I recommend for your child, is no different than what I have done or would do for my own son. Giving a vaccine is no different than using a seat is the best protection we have at this time to keep ourselves and our children safe, despite the minimal risk of the seat belt itself causing harm. Please be careful what you read and who's advice you take.
Breaking: Courts discreetly confirm MMR vaccine causes autism

Read This article...good article on whooping cough